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  1. Agreed. My mistake. It was late here in Malaysia after the game and a few cans. Learned learned. Cross referenced too quickly mixing up the W55 from below and P55 in the other ... clearly not the same figures in the cold light of day. The win percentages are still interesting viewing though. Perhaps this is more accurate:
  2. ..... and as the BT commentator said, "despite this season, Farke has still won more games than he's lost as Norwich City Manager"
  3. Respectfully, disagree. Farke selected Aarons over Passlack, a more experience player. The season before he introduced a raw (18 year old?) Lewis and played him over husband, another more experienced player. He played Maddison over Stiepermann - Not sure Alex Neal would have done that? And this season Cantwell over Stiepermann (Cantwell which many on here were writing off before the season started). Seem to me he plays the better players regardless of age/reputation. Yes, youth is now a key part of our development policy, but we've all seen many managers ignore our youth for a long time, including the previous manager.
  4. What's BCD? We all know the championship is a tough league. Relegated teams usually go one of two ways. Farke deserves the chance following last season and then not being backed financially this season. We have Sitti, Sinani, McCallum et al coming in and a good crop of young players coming through - where Farke has proved his worth in developing youth players. If it's not working by Christmas it will need changing. But until then the club and people at it need our support. In my opinion.
  5. Drmic and Duda - I agreed with you there, that said, Duda was playing in Arrons with some good switches of play and passes out to the flanks, taking out their left back in the process. His link up play with Buendia just wasn't quite there. I'd much rather we saw Cantwell given another chance in that No.10 position. As for the team vs Man U. we've played that line up for most of the season? injuries aside (except for hernandez/Vrancic for Rupp) and it just hasn't produced. Which points back to the fact this squad isn't good enough. And there's no one person to blame for that. Hopefully we improve next season and come back up. If we do (big if), then we'll have to spend, and as Feed The Wolf says, if we don't then eyebrows (and voices) will be raised.
  6. As long as it's not Sheikh Muscat, belamy oh riley, of Oman!
  7. What's "the right team?" .... personally, I do wonder why McClean who made around 20 appearances last season (a few as sub I think) is getting as much game time as he is, this season in the premier league, but then, who else is fit and can play? I like Kenny but he's not able to provide enough creativity, defensive steal or assists/goals next to Tetty, but then, who in our squad can? Those players will cost £20 million. As for calculated risk, I agree to some extent, would have been nice if we'd signed Ashton in the summer, not in the winter, then on the other hand we took that calculated risk with RVW, Naismith et al (can't say the owners didn't back Houghton) ...and that nearly killed the club, as in Bury, killed the club.
  8. What's your solution? (It's the only question in my original post, so not too hard to refer back to)
  9. Aye, sadly Wigan are in administration. They won the FA Cup not that long ago and were a premier league mainstay. Hopefully not too many teams struggle.
  10. Cool, care to answer the question? Instead of living in the past.. wealthy owners. Now where's your answer Jimmy boy?
  11. We played Brighton today who spent circa £70 million in the summer (alone).. let that sink in. What's your solution? We're playing the long game here . . .some of you just don't have the bottle. Yes, we can be better, as a club, a manager, owners, sporting director, players of course, and... as supporters. We need to be behind the club and everyone at it right now. What we're doing takes time. It took Klopp 5 years to win the premier league at L.i.v.e.r.p.o.o.l. Don't be a fool. Don't start with "Oh yes, the plan" retorts because they're basic af. Farke had Murphy, Pritchard and Maddison sold and still got us promoted out of the championship playing stylish football. Name any manger we can attract to Carrow Road who would get better out of our current squad? In the premier league, and given our injuries this season and resultant loss of momentum (*huge by the way)......if you can't answer.... then blame Farke for being unlucky, blame Webber for not quite landing the right side of a calculated gamble with tuppence, blame the players for not having enough quality, and blame Delia and Michael for not being oligarchs... but after that, please, please, stop wetting your little panties, take a deep breath and keep quiet until you have something smart to say. P.s. We'll be back in the premier league. OTBC
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