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  1. Fair points..however more research needs to be done on your part. We do not have the best home record in Div 1....We have the best in the Country not just one of the best! With Regard to Huckerby being persuaded by Worthy to come here on loan rather than go to Wolves or Celtic on a permanent basis is absolutely wrong! He only decided to come here on loan after not figuring in Keegans plans and being dropped from the first team.
  2. How about Steven Fry & Alan Partridge...Could bill themseves as Fried Partridge...Ha.
  3. Agreed...talk about a one mans opinion, and he is the mouth of the indepedant supporters association, I bet there are more than a few of them feeling somewhat let down by his adverse and blatently ignorant responce to US the Fans long term wishes, you have really inspired confidence in our hopes of signing Huckerby Mr Blower. Perhaps you need to move down the road to Suffolk they could do with more helpfull comments like yours.
  4. We now have the scenario of dare we go for it? the simple answer is YES! Huckerby and co have the ability to get us to the Premiership, I can`t remember such a buzz around the NCFC fan base for years, we are onto a winner with Huckerby, he is electrifying with his dazzling runs and ball control, he takes defenders away leaving others with scoring chances ( just ask Iwan) he isnt even selfish with the ball, making some great passes. One hears the likes of Roy Blowers blowing our dreams straight out of the water saying things like "Putting all Our eggs In One Basket" Thank God all the teams with an ounze of ambition dont all think like him otherwise no team would dare buy a top notch player, and has he never heard of INSURANCE? And this speculate to accumilate springs to mind doesn`t it... Come on lets do all thats necessary to make him a permanent City player, thats Norwich City of course, because if he does not any longer figure in K Keagans plans...Just watch him statched up by another club as was Hulse, Connolly etc.
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