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  1. After last nights shambles and pure embarrasment its time for the board to stump up some cash for some footballers and not half wits That we have filling the shirts at the moment we need some pride back in the side being realistic thoough who is available to replace worthington names please???
  2. Will everyone show a little faith we have just come through a difficult spell of games that alot of established premiership sides would have come through with less pionts we have we have just played three of the top sides that have performed well in the premiership for god knows how many years. We all should no that we cant compete financially with them so lets have a little faith. Give Jonson,helveg time to adapt Mckenzie a decent run in the side safri is coiming back to fitness lets get behind the team and put are energy into better things. Worthington has not really let us down so far lets be positive im sure the man has something up his sleeve. Im sure we can get points out of the everton''s southamptons,charltons portsmouths fulhams man citys W.B.A. spurs palace etc etc so come on lets just get behind them for god sake and if we are bottom by christmas and a long way of the pace then i will eat my words. Realistically we know are first season will be a struggle but come on lets get behind the boys city till i die!!!!!!
  3. Brennan and helveg to come in wide midfield respectivley add protection to edworthy and dury?? Hopefully we will play with the determination we did in the second half against newcastle great to see mr huckerby proving his doubter''s wrong a big 2 f**G**S up to the media!!! Who no''s maybe we are the team to dent arsenal''s unbeaten record keep the faith on the ball city.
  4. No better than what we already have charlton are hardly a big club and he cannot get in there side makes you wonder why really!!!!!
  5. Not any better on what we have why do you think he isnt in the charlton side it isnt really rocket science. lets buy someone with promise or with a decent record umm a certain player at crewe please nigel!!! look what stead has done at blackburn im sure mr ashton can do the same so lets stop messing with half hearted buy''s
  6. There are positive''s from saturdays game we deserved a draw well done lads showed great team spirit and where not fazed by the usual utd tricks if we can play like that consistently then im sure come may we will be well clear of relegation battle. leon must be worth a start dont think we need to have a "target" man looked lively when he came on and has a good understanding with huckerby if not a new striker please nigel!! ashton at crew would be a good bet please lets all keep the faith otbc!!!!
  7. Ive heard from a really good source it will be jonson on the right by the 4-5-1 i was refering to holt francis holding jonson on the right huckerby left and bentley just of sven the 3 of them can then change positions when they feel like it causing teams concern with there pace and movement bring it on the mighty yellows are back!!! otbc
  8. likely to be a 4-5-1 formation Green Helveg Fleming Charlton Drury Holt Francis Jonson Bentley Huckerby Svenson Bring it on dowie''s boys
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