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  1. I said Paul McVeigh was not consistant enough to play in the 1st team Was I Wrong? Yes, he had a fairly good game, but did he do anything really. Yes, there was that 1 run where the goal should have been his but apart from that? he can keep in if he sets up a goal a game but did he set it up, i thought it was the 50yard cross-field pass by Marneythat opened up the space for McVeigh to run into. But as i said, a goal a game and we should keep him in. Give him a couple of games based on his performance on Saturday (i know in a previous post i said we shouldn''t give him a chance - i was very wrong!) He''s set his standard - a goal a game - keep that up and we''ve found a new striker! (well not new, but you know what i mean P.S, i thought Brennan had a very good game, it is a hard choice between him and Hucks atm, but i''d go with Hucks!
  2. I''ve got it! I have found the answer using my analysis of previous games. Are you ready for it? Here it is: We play in yellow. (or green sometimes away) thats it i feel that if we tell our players, particulary our new signings, we would produce form. i am sure our new signings are confused, it seems that way from our games so far. So Mr Worthington, tell them this, write it on the blackboard, using yellow chalk if you prefer. If you drum this into our players heads, we will win, mark my words. Dont tell them and we carry on passing to the opposition, something i have seen happen many times this season.
  3. i predit that IF we lose that Mr. Worthington''s comments are: We took some positive aspects out of the game The spirit was there We got to get down to basics and work hard. (sorry for the repeat) "add your own here" it also seems his pre-match comments arnt much better. I will use Fulham away of last season, where a win would secure us a place in the Premiership. Messers Rednapp, Dowie and Robson said: I''ve told my players to get out there, get stuck in, get into them, pressure every ball, 100% in every tackle etc etc. Mr Worthington on the other hand said: I''ve told my players to go out there like any other game and enjoy it. ENJOY IT? Surely that is what you say when your kid is playing for their U7 team? Not a team that is fighting relegation. And his in-game comments dont seem to be any better, but please correct me as i dont sit near the dugout. from where i sit it seems that when we go 1-0 up, we have to defend it, or even when we go 1-0 down to leads, we should defend.
  4. "Yes we were already being outplayed, even Paul Robinson wouldn''t have made a difference so what''s your point?" you obviously only skimmed over my comment! i didnt blame Ward! i blamed the team for what seemed to be a lack in confidence in him. I very much doubt this is the case but if you were unbiased and watching, that is what you would have thought!
  5. Why Worthy Why? Why do you not only make the completely wrong substitutions, you also make them at about 80 mins There is no need to waste time when we are 1-0 down to bring docherty on! many of you will have other examples when we are winning, bring on a youngster with 10 mins to go yes! when we are losing, bring on a player and waste time? not many players can make an impact in 10 mins (ole gunner solskjaer the only exception to mind) give a player 30mins at least. he has time to settle into the pace of the game and then make an impact! what is the problem with that? the only problem i see is Worthy, he isnt a proactive manager, he is a reactive manager. this is a good thing if you can pull it off, Worthy cant. He should try to dictate the game, play our game, not adapt to whatever the opposition is playing. thats my piece, now its your turn.............
  6. i''ll admit i do not see what happens at colny what i do see is many reserve games i am commenting on them! i see youngsters playing well at a decent level (the reserves is not bad for a youngster) and not being given a chance. Worthy needs to take a gamble, (10 mins when/if we are 2-0 up would do) give them a couple of games, then we could all see them in action and the case would be closed
  7. I totally agree Mook, Worthy has wasted talent. McVeigh wasnt the 1st, and certainly not be the last! Im just saying what i have seen in the reserves. I dont think he should start on Saturday but should definatly be on the bench! Worthy should give him a half! Let him prove he can play at this level. (i know a half isnt that long but its a start) And McKenzie no playing well???????????????? giving 100% every game, chasing every ball down even when he hasnt got much chance of getting it. Playing like this when we tried to sign a replacement for him even when he did nothing wrong! He deserves his place, maybe he hasnt hit the target as much as he should, but is still worthy of his place. Keeping him in is one of Worthy''s god decisions (he doesnt make them that often!)
  8. look, ive been a norwich supporter all my life and have given them enough money through ticket sales and shares. i will keep watching them win, lose, draw, Premiership, Championship, League 1, whatever. surely that gives me the right to express my opinion? people agree, people disagree, thats the point of opinions, they are your thoughts. just like i may disagree with your comments in this thread. i do NOT boo the team or call for worthys head, but i feel i have the right to express my feelings if i feel them. i have never booed norwich, NEVER, but if i feel they deserve it, i will! if i feel we need a chance of manager, i will say so. isn''t that the point of this forum? to express your opinions about the team. "Norwich City - Have Your Say" there is my say, my OPINION, you may agree or disagree, that is your right!
  9. good comments guys. i wasnt critisising Ward, hes a top keeper wth a wealth of experience, its just a personal opinion. Too true that Worthy and his merry men see them both in training. Surely we should alternate between them for reserve games?
  10. i may have come across wrong what i meant was he plays 1 good game in 10 for the reserves! how can you play a player in this form? how can you play a player based on his form of 4 years ago? when he''s on form, he is awesome! when he''s not, hes near to useless. if he can play awesome every game, even 9 games out of 10, i would love to have him in the team. but he needs to prove he can do that!
  11. We give Danny Crow premiership experience, he made an impact, looks as if he is a goalscorer, scores regulary for the reserves and youth, looks as if he would be suited to Division 1 (sorry......The Championship). and then what does Worthy do? Yes, thats right, release him. I know that we do not know what goes on behind those closed doors, ie colney, but he looked a great investment for the future. Wouldnt we love to have him so that he could partner ashton on Saturday. We should have kept him, at worst loaned him out. I guess this is what is going to happen to Asmat El Ougoui (sorry if i spelt that wrong) he looks a very good player, quick and scores goals. I know he had that bad accident but he is getting back to full fitness. i predict that we will give him 2 substitute appearences and then release him. A couple of seasons ago, Damien Batt looked a good prospect but we didnt even give him a chance. The same could be said for some of the current youth team who play for the reserves. Gusterson at right back looks good, our right backs arnt playing too good. why dont we try him for 30mins or so? Because Worthy needs to justify buying these players, thats why. What look in is Joe Lewis going to get? Your turn...............
  12. I have 1 question for you - why is Ward on the bench?surely Gallagher would be the better option.Ward played a part game last year and you saw what happened!im not saying it was Wards fault, its just the teams confidence went down when Greeno went off.i feel more confident with Gallagher in goal than Ward, and I bet the team would too.Ward is a good keeper, but i think Gallagher is better.Of course Greeno is still my number 1!what do you think?
  13. having watched McVeigh in the reserves for the past season or so, i could see why he had been dropped. dont get me wrong, when he played well the whole team played well. the only problem is that he only played well about 1 game in 10. i think he should be given his chance when he proves he can be more consistant. a player of his supposed quality should be able to play well in the reserves surely! so paul should work hard and train hard, and only then i feel he should be given his chance. should we put him in? if he is on form, he would catapault this team back to winning ways. but if he is off form, the 1st teams form will carry on as it is, drawing at best. is it worth the risk? why not play the 2 wingers in chelseas role. this would then accomodate safri jarrot and hughes in midfield, something worthy has failed at. deano up front with marney and brennan just behind him? your call........
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