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  1. Hi All, I've not travelled with 'Club Canary' for a while, is it still possible to park at the ground? Thanks
  2. Logged into site at 17.50 to find a msg saying it wouldn''t open till 6 and immediately in a Q over an hour long
  3. He was immense today - just as he was last week and would have been my man of the match even without his title winning goal! Ive only been a supporter since 1992 so cant really comment on him compared to Forbes but he is starting to remind me a lot of Malky Mackay - I hope he can be as successful as Malky was in the championship next season!!Ole ole ole ole....
  4. Its all very well ncfc saying the match should be able to go ahead due to the undersoil heating but how are the fans meant to get there? It doesnt seem as if they''re following the lead of other clubs and considering fans safety!What does every1 else feel about this?????
  5. Never been so cold - absolutely freeeeeeezzzzzzinnnnnngggggg! still not quite defrosted
  6. Yeah i had a great few years there, graduated a couple of years ago now though, how about you?
  7. is the feathers the best place to watch the matches on sky then?
  8. Grew up as a city fan in North Walsham but then went to uni in leicester - enjoying being back in Norfolk and being able to get to more city games now!!!
  9. HI all, ive just relocated to wymondham and I know absolutely no-one here!!!I just wondered if there were any norwich fans in the area??
  10. [quote]I see where you are comming from Jamie but i guess i like the place because its home and being away at Uni its nice to come back. However, i must also agree with your comments about the people, there ...[/quote] Definitely agree with that!!!I''ve just come home to North Walsham for the summer as I''ve been at uni in Leicester, who would of thought I''d actually look forward to coming back to a place like North Walsham?!!!! - leicester must be bad!!! OTBC
  11. Hey, im a mad canaries fan going back to leicester uni soon, any other norwich fans in the leicester area???Would love to be able to get together and go to some games.
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