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  1. so what is this a discussion site or a spelling test? seems he is playing far better than some of this shite I have had the pleasure of watching this season and yes I do attend matches,
  2. anyone notice how well he is doing now back at Brentford? scoring for fun , why did he not get a chance amongst this lot? just saying
  3. who are you calling ignorant? I was there I would have taken off murphy who looked like he had thrown his toys out, we will never know but maybe just maybe if Pritchard had stayed on we may have won he looked the most likely to be up for a fight Wes was crap. Like I said its just an opinion
  4. having been at the match on Saturday I now believe Mr Irvine a failed manager a few times over had a lot of influence over matters at NCFC since he arrived. I was at the match so feel I can have a say Why take off Norwichs best player on the day up to that point(Pritchard) which also reflected what the crowd thought when players like Murphy were strolling around as if they were trying to shake off last nights party.Wes has lost that turn of speed now so ends up going round in circles if he doesn`t watch out he will end up disappearing up his own ar*e . I have seen Wes play some good games but at present he isn`t having a great influence on the games. some of the others need to take a long hard look at themselves also.
  5. Nice to know part of mine and her who must be obeyed addmission fee will go toward the great unwashed to be able to travel free in lux to replay at soton.Maybe better had the club grown a pair and admit they got it wholely wrong and maybe refunded half the addmission price to those who went last saturday to the 2-2 draw.work commitments mean not able to go.
  6. what kind of attitude is that? if they all worried about getting injured no one would play football, if we all worried about having car accident no one would drive. you should always always play your best team to win, are you saying it didn`t matter anyone of NCF team who played against soton getting injured? oh dear lord what are you like?
  7. having attended todays match against soton as much as it wasn`t a bad result i feel had the manager kept the same team as against derby there would be no need for a stupid replay in midweek, with the nelson there and Wes in midfield NCFC would be in the next round proper. Is` ok to want to give others a runout but surely you must play to win and that means playing your best team.
  8. love a sense of humour thank you
  9. hello all i`m a newbie and have been reading things that have been said , some i agree with some i don`t,On radio norfolk today A.N said there will be changes for the game against soton tomorrow, why! why! why! after being at the match against Derby i saw  NCFC play good football so why not keep same team? , get some spirit together.I am at a complete loss to how he thinks.
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