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  1. Hi, The futures programme ran for some time and appeared to be for those talented lads that were young for there school year. The elite program is good the current u16s are very talented and would most likely be in academies if nearer to lower league sides.. They are playing in the local u18s floodlit league on Thursday nights against Kings Lynn, Swaffham, North walsham, Fakenham etc etc. I have been impressed with the performances so far... The quality of there play is beyond there years.... Home games at FDC bow thorpe field of dreams.... Come along.
  2. Apologies if my earlier reply was wrong I was in the shop on Monday and enquired and was told the 18th.
  3. I wasn''t trying to be controversial or suggest I''m more of a fan than anyone else merely players and no doubt some fans come and go as indeed do some board members it''s all about freedom of choice!!! Yes some of the passages of play bore me but not quite as much as under Hughton. Whatever happens it''s all just a different episode in being a lifelong fan. Similar to other relationships really!!
  4. [quote user="hogesar"]I''ll renew. Because I''m a Norwich fan.[/quote] Well stated... That''s what fans should be doing.... Are we really all supporting Norwich for some glory days or for success.... I don''t understand, surely some of you should have chosen more carefully when you were younger. I had no choice I was born in Norfolk it was made for me.
  5. All people travelling by coach have been given a Daniel Farke mask..... Let''s rock the Emirates with NCFC version of Farke life. (And so close to halloween!)
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