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  1. [quote user="Herman "]LDC, is that you?[;)][/quote] No Herman not LDC. :-)
  2. Win the next two games to be guaranteed premiership football next season... Thought the game started really slowly but thankfully they didn''t come out the traps as quickly as Middlesborough a couple of weeks back... Defence looked a bit shaky but lets hope it can hold for another 2 games...
  3. [quote user="Mello Yello"]Our manager AN has a feature on it......[/quote] Is there a repeat I know its NOT on BBC iplayer...
  4. I think today was always going to be a potential banana skin, Bolton great record at home and we were always liable to get picked off by going for it.... Glad Hooper stuffed Lennon - Bitter sweet as he was his old boss!!!
  5. I wouldn''t see why not unless you think that the turn around in fortunes has been luck - which I don''t. I think that people are too quick critise on here and it''s always glass is half full. Even when things are going well it''s negative. Every silver lining has a cloud. 4-0 v Blackpool and people were saying it''s not Wolves, it''s not Blackburn... Beat them and it''s something else. Hooper isn''t playing enough... Blah Blah. Credit where credit is due. I''m sure he''ll get stick when it''s deserved so let''s compliment when it''s deserved.
  6. [quote user="mrs miggins"]If he doesn''t get us up, there are no guarantees that we''ll offer him a contract. Although he''s done a great job since coming in, its not a foregone conclusion that he''ll be here automatically the following season.[/quote]
  7. It''s amazing at how some people can''t see the woods for the trees, AN has came into the league when the playoffs were fast becoming a fantasy dream for this season and now Norwich have a strong chance to not only get tI playoffs but I win the league out right... And people post piffle like this... Get a grip.
  8. This thread has absolutely no place on this forum... Its far too positive :0)
  9. I think its all down to Hoopers recovery and fitness to be honest as he didnt even travel with the team to BB... I think its going to be more of a aggressive approach from the outset rather than a tactical/on the break approach.. I think Hooper is best suited to that role... I think there will be a lot of opportunities created and he is the man to lead the line - ONLY if fully fit.. However there are options if he isnt fully fit lets be honest scoring goals has been a massive problem... IANWT
  10. Every silver lining has a cloud alartz... Just enjoy it for the moment... Tomorrow is a mystery and all that jazz....
  11. LOL Buh... I suppose silence is golden and we should take it as no moaning is a good sign.... Waiting for the "Should have been 4"!!!! :-)
  12. You don''t become a great footballer all of a sudden - He has always had ability its rare for a footballer makes it and is totally and utterly talentless... Likewise people do go from being excellent to rubbish over night... In both circumstances its coached or managed in to them OR out of them... Its called getting the best of your players...
  13. Finally are we going to see some positive posts... COME ON!!!! CHEER UP :-)
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