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  1. A good thing is that the players will want to impress him this weekend, and hopefully go all out.
  2. [quote user="gitto"]I think Alex''s team, will win a few games, lose a few games and draw a few games and Norwich will finish seventh.. Would you be happy with this?????[/quote] I think it''ll take a few games of him in charge before we can decide how many games we can win, lose or draw. As for finishing 7th - I echo the first response. Outside the playoffs (lower than) is a failure.
  3. I''m aware that he''s in charge, but that won''t stop the critics jumping on his back if we get a bad result
  4. All positive from me too. I''d rather him that the likes of Warnock for example, who''d be guaranteed in and out within a year. This guy seems to have many fans, who are genuinely disappointed to be losing him. That said, all the Accies fans have been great about it, and I''ve not heard one bad word or dig at NCFC. Maybe it may help that he''s leaving a tight nit club like them to a club like ours. Not too big for his boots. Admittedly its not going to be an instant miracle, but he seems to have Lambert traits about him, which can only be a positive considering where he took us.
  5. [quote user="Budapest Canary"]If he teams up with Phelan as No2 the two, with their respective and contrastive backgrounds) may form a most inriguing and hopefully inspiring tandem. :)[/quote] This is the wording I have been looking for all day!! A bloody good point well made sir
  6. This has probably been mentioned already, but my night has been spent trying to log into this site and creating a new account rather than actually reading posts. As we know its looking highly likely that tomorrow will see Alex Neil take the reins at Carrow Road, which is already bringing mixed views. I''m feeling positive about this, as he''s very highly talked of, young, and could even thrive working with someone like Phelan (if the backroom staff doesn''t change). My message however to all you negative people is this: We''re about to play a team top of the league and in form at the moment. Away from home. So if Mr Neil does step in ready for Saturday''s game (unlikely considering MP will have been preparing for the game all week), please don''t jump straight on his back. As we all know, it takes time for a manager to get to know a squad, and put his stamp on the team. But I fear that they''ll be fans out there that can''t wait to post a "We Told You So" thread. I''m sure some of them are about to have a moan at me below.
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