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  1. 1.Howard Wilkinson (won the premiership with leeds about 10 years ago) 2. Ossie Ardilles (Intototo Cup Winner, also spurs) 3. Jerry Venables (ex England manager)
  2. Rudy, Whitacker, Martins, Quellar, Ollsen Howsen, O''Neal, Tettie, Jonson Gerome, Hopper Grabben, Laffarty, Redmon, Hoolihan and James Murphy all on the bench as great options if we need to be more creative. I guess 2-1 City.
  3. first thing Adams should do is cancel Hooivelds loan as we''ve got cuellar, turner, bennet, martin and miquel can''t even make the bench (if he really cost 1.5 mill that''s not great business). Seems like we''re over stocked in central positions but short on wide options. Ofoe still to come back too, hopefully he''s decent. We should get a good right back and a left winger. Loan out mcgrandles, loza and some other young guys.
  4. interesting to see other''s line ups. Surprises me that no one chooses Surman and not many would pick hoolahan, who is probably the first player I''d pick although he''s gonna have to sit on the bench a few times too, depending on the formation for different games. on paper the squad looks strong although I remember thinking that last year......I''d love the transfer widow to shut now and go with what we''ve got.....but I''m guessing we''ll lose Fer and perhaps Redmond before the window closes. Hope not. of the other people''s line ups I think crjv and morty''s are good but not sure who plays wide in the latter''s front 3, Redmond and.... NA will probably never get a better chance of success and becoming a hero with the players he''s got, fingers crossed for him...........looking forwards to the wolves game
  5. If City keep all their players, what would your team be and who would you leave out of the 18? I''d go for.... Ruddy whittaker Martin R.bennett Olsson Tettey howson Surman hoolahan Lafferty Hooper subs: Rudd, Turner, Fer, E. Bennett, Redmond, Josh Murphy, Grabban. Miss out: Garrido, Johnson, Pilkington, Jacob Murphy, RVW, Loza, bassong, bunn, gafati, becchio. Harsh on garrido, RVW and Johnson not to be in the 18. I think Johnson will be an impoirtant player for us this year even though he''s not in my 18. Actually I rate Fer as better than Howson but perhaps better balance with Howson in a diamond. Also I rate Turner better than R.Bennett but this season I think Bennett needs a chance to cement his place. I want to see how other fans would want to start the team.... If I were to play with wingers I''d go for...... Ruddy whittaker Martin R.bennett Olsson Howson Fer Redmond Hoolahan Josh Murphy Hooper. subs: rudd, turner, tettey, surman, e.bennett, grabban, lafferty. Maybe swap grabban for josh murphy but I don''t know if he can play wide or only central. It looks a pretty strong squad for the championship anyway.
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