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Acid test

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It felt like the Brentford game was the acid test of this team. It went as bad as it could.

At the minute I can''t see why this team ever can achieve promotion. Lot of players don''t deserve to wear the Norwich shirt.

Players didn''t perform under CH, didn''t perform under NA and absolutely make a fool of themselves in yesterdays game.

Have lots of questions after last game:

Are the players fit enough? Many of them look lazy and not interested, the body language of some of the players is not looking good.

For example Gary Hooper looks uninterested and think his body language is irritating. Know he can be good but think his body language can spread to the rest of the team.

Also the central defense is struggling. The always seem to e slow and make clumsy decisions. Outplayed number of times yesterday and the penalty situation was very embarrassing.

Of those who started against Brentford thes players does not have top Championship level:

Russel Martin, Whittaker, Cuellar, Turner, Lafferty and actually Hooper.

No one was really performing but those I mentioned above should be sold.

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For me there is something missing in the team spirit. There is no mental strength in the side. We looked broken and bewildered on how to stop them. Personal glory seems to matter than discipline, doing their job and protecting the team.

The first goal (pause the fl highlights and see where bj, olsson and martin are) when whit lost the ball 25 yards from their goal and their subsequent effort to put their errors right was selfish dereliction of their responsibility to the team

Wessis reaction to ruddy not seeing his prompt for the pen, martins loss of what to do when ruddy implored a response in the second half and lack of ownership all hint at something wrong.

Personally I thought hooper was OK yest, good first half, faded second which does frustrate me as surely he should be able to last more than 60 secs.

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