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AN knew the deal, we have to win the 6 pointers

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AN has been here long enough now to get to grips and it highlights why I said he isn''t given any time to try and get things right for this season.

Next season will be harder and of course expectations less.

I am not keen on these supporters who are talking about next season. Let''s talk about this season.

We do not have great players, we do not... Hence why none went back to the premiership. It''s old news anyway and NA is now aware, Phelan was aware and knew we needed leaders.

I expect AN to move very quickly in the transfer market, we have Bassong and vadis who are first teamers bUt we need more. We are going for promotion and have to make the most of this season.

We haven''t early on and now every six pointer we have to win. We do have to win to guarantee promotion, last weekends result summed up all that is wrong with a group used to losing and not moving on from Lamberts first premiership season. Hughtons second season saw the better players brought in move on and now Redmond is our only quality player left in the stable. Many of our players our championship cart horses, Martin, johnson, e bennett, grabban, lafferty, hoolahan... The list goes on.

Now is the time for AN to get a shift on, new players and no excuses wins in every big game, we need to be best prepared with tactical errors and also we need players who can execute. They did not on Saturday and he should do. His research to how often we do not.

Our two goals this season were

(1) secure guaranteed play off place

(2) secure guaranteed automatic promotion spot

They both had or then required the ultimate goal promotion.

AN has to now step it up, as I noted he has no time for a little run, finding himself and the club. We need results and promotion with this group of players with some added first teamers.

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He has plenty of them left. Better not to dwell on that rubbish from Saturday.

I would say there are some of our players who should be in the premiership still, but not as many as think they should be.

Ruddy for one would get in most bottom half sides, Olsson would get a game most places and Redmond would make a good impact sub for most sides including the likes of Liverpool and he has time on his side. Bar them two, I would say you''re right though, Tettey lacks the natural fitness to be relied upon but is PL standard when fit.

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Jimmy, I think you highlight the players correctly, possibly Jerome... Hooper maybe but has not lit the world up in 18months.

VOO could do it but we need to get him playing. It sums up the level of the squad and why Neil needs to lift the likes of tettey, lafferty etc

But he needs to bring in players who are on the fringes of prem teams and squads not lower league players.

Jimmy it winds me up when ppl say bring back toffolo who is playing well for Swindon, we want a players who can be the best in the championship and hence play in the prem.

AN needs to get moving very quickly in the transfer market

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