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Match Play

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A lot is made of the phrase "match play" in other sports, the principle being that you get the result you desire whatever happens during the match you are playing.  It happens in team sports as well as individual sports. In tennis and Snooker you can be all but out, but not be prepared to lose - and at the final match point resist to the point of fighting back and getting the result in your favour.   So the same happens in team sports as well.

Its always said "its about results" in football and that is of course true - but "match play" does come into it - and what Norwich under AN showed last night was a good sense of match play - got ahead, had problems then to coin a phrase from a past manager we "go again" and get the winner.   Under Adams, if we had problems, we often didn''t "go again" and force a result.

So if we are talking about match play and results, yesterday was a huge boost.  Up against it (for whatever reason) and still made the result happen.  Another reason to be happy about last night''s match imo.

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