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Stowmarket Canary (not Delia)

We need some Duncan Forbes style characters!

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A good point Stanton we are devoid of leaders from the Manager down.King pin of the side Mr reliability at Centre Back is missing. Historically Duncan Forbes go back through some of them Malky Mc, Barry Butler, Reg Foulkes, Monty Norman,Norman Low and many others. Goal scoring strikers able to mix it with the best not there.. Bright light and most dangerous attacker today Wes H when we needed his inspiration to give us another goal was taken off. Snodgrasse supplied one decent delivery which we scored from, apart from that every ball given to him was wasted and there our attacks floundered. If he is fit then he plays just like Ricky W our 8 Million bargain buy ,with the same out come.We have players who have proven their ability when playing else where. It is time for our coaching staff to discover some of those skills and encourage the players natural talents instead of sticking to their own coaching stereo type failing system..

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