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We’re heading south!!!!!

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How depressing (again)…. I recall previous sides struggling to play under managers lacking managerial ability…. and the subsequent demise to Division 1.

Lambert changed all that with a positive approach and clever / thoughtful acquisition of suitable players. He also had more than one approach to tactics, HAD A GO and other teams struggled to work us out!

Football, especially at this level relies on CONFIDENCE. It’s an absolute essential. Play positively, get fans behind the team, have a right good go. It was the Norwich way. It’s not a coincidence that Holt last season and Hooper and RVW this, struggle to score goals with the paucity of support and opportunity in the final 3rd. Opposition are most vulnerable when they lose possession and thus when we regain it, that’s the trigger to penetrate. Against Newcastle this week, Fer regained it on numerous occasions and instead of driving forward, kept passing back to a full back, often Olson. Newcastle regained shape easily. Meanwhile up top, our forwards become ever more hacked off and demoralised.

We are so easy to defend against now, so predictable, one dimensional. Fulham, in between various thumping’s have outplayed us and are we are relying evidently on lady luck (Newcastle on Tuesday for example). She will run out, especially as fans vent the justifiable frustration and players stop wanting the ball…… the signs are all there!

Apart from 3 other teams really messing up, a confident Hoolahan is our best chance of avoiding relegation…. the only player in our squad with ability to supply our forwards. An inspired manager would have him in there….. some guile is a necessity and who else do we have? Elmander – sadly not! The only guile I see is from Hooper and we can’t get him on the ball where he needs it. A positive manager would recognise this and put Hoolahan in. When was the last time Norwich scored from a pass in the box? Hoolahan’s clever first time pass for Hooper to net against Crystal Palace at home.

Whereas Lambert signings were efficient and practical with a view for the long term, Hughton’s signings don’t fit his tactics and remain wholly unimpressive!

Our club’s pretty despicable lack of respect for the FA Cup doesn’t help either. Is it the club or a weak manager with no idea or belief in his own ability – he evidently has no belief in his players’ ability otherwise we might see the shackles off. It’s all wrong and if we keep Hughton, he needs to be put out of his and our misery come the season end, regardless of which division were in.

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