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I remember....

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The good old days I had at Uni in the late 90''s when messaged boards were just coming about. There was a Norwich City message board where I used to log on and all the Norwich fans would just rip the 5h1t out of the Scummers/Binners/Portman Losers... We all joined together in our hatred of anything Blue. It''s not the same any more. It seems to be Norwich fans with different views constantly trying to belittle each other and rather than discussing in a mature manner, they take to abusing the other posters supposed weaknesses. Rather than we unite against anything those losers down the road are doing, we turn on each other. I guess we are in the "lord of the flies" type of scenario. Them down the road are so far away that we are left to fight for superiority amongst ourselves. I dream of those days gone by. I also miss a random poster by the name of "Green Guy". Now he had the ultimate post to knock someone down!

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