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Sum up my feelings after last night & this season

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What can we say about last night, having watched the game at 12.00 this morning thanks to Liverpool TV, my first reaction is wow…….Suarez what a player! Those 4 goals were out of the book of great strikes.  Yes I know we can argue as Hughton did that we should have closed him down and defended better but, I for one would have applauded every one of those goals as an opposition fan!


Even our goal was nicely worked and finished really well.


So that’s the positives a great player took us apart again and we managed to score.


BUT, as I said last night on a thread, I have not been to an away game since WBA last year and refuse to as the way Hughton has us set up and the players he uses to play this style either, can’t play it, or don’t want to play it, because it does not work.


For starters our defence is so scared of being outdone by pace they drop so deep it makes out midfield sit on the 18 yard box and our defenders, Bassong, Turner and Bennett are just not that good, I mean 28 goals in 14 games is the worst in the league!


We have some good attacking wide players who are asked to start so deep that we need to cover 70 yards before we get the chance to cross a ball.


Then we have a manager who wrote the game off yesterday, he didn’t play Hooper because we have a tough couple away games, so used Elmander. I can live with that, more chance of only losing by the odd 3 goals come Saturday!


We are good at home and this is what has saved Hughton to this point, but I am embarrassed to watch my team away from home, I cringe with fear, I have no faith that we can keep the defeat to below a 2 goal margin.


The thing for me is Hughton believes he can’t win, going by his pre and post match interviews, the players now believe they can’t win away from home, the teams we are playing now that we can’t play football and they can expect attacking practice instead of a match and I as a fan who used to go to few away days certainly won’t waste my money on this team away from home, as I don’t believe we will win anymore, Hughton pre match comments has me believing that Hull, Cardiff and Palace have better players than we have.


I am not out of love with football, I don’t find the premiership boring, I find our manager and coaches tedious and boring, I don’t think Hughton is a nice man, he’s a man who makes excuses before the games so that when we get beaten he can say well I told you not to expect too much this is a better side.


Where are those managers who take teams like Norwich and expect the players to win, if not win then at least give it all.


Fundamentally something is not right here, if it’s not Hughton then it has to be the players, if the players are as good as us the fans think then it’s the coaching & system which does not suite them. But something is not good, we don’t press teams, we defend so deep it’s not if but more often when teams score and finally, we just look so slow on the counter attack.


We beat Palace on Saturday, but we were outclassed in the second half by a championship side, we beat West Ham, but we were outclassed until their keeper made a howler, we beat Southampton who are a half decent team  and we beat Stoke where we were unstoppable in the first 45 minutes, the best I have seen us play under Hughton.


I’m not sure we will be relegated I think we will survive but only because there are at present three teams who are worse than us, that said, they play better football and have new managers, so time will tell. But I am so bored with our style, our system and the inane repetitive destructive  comments by our so called manager.


I’m not surprised Newcastle got shot, I’m surprised we are sticking with him, as said we probably will stay up, but has Hughton improved Norwich? Are you happy to just watch this same old rubbish every week or would you rather the board gamble on a new manager?


Not bottom 3 but every other team must look at Norwich at home as a banker for 3 points, god help us if we draw Ipswich away in the FA cup!

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Problem is that confidence MUST be waning. In fact it is shot to bits as second half v Palace showed. Nervy stuff clinging to a goal lead against an inferior side.

You are spot on to note that something is just wrong. The vibe is moribund. In all my years supporting Norwich I have never hoped as much for a change of manager.

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