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"The only way is up"

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Seen this cliche several times to describe our predicament.

It''s not strictly true though is it. We gave up and surrendered away at Man City, and although we couldn''t have made it any easier for them they do have the benefit of several genuine world class attacking players and the richest football club owner in the world.

I''d suggest that things could certainly get worse. A comprehensive defeat at home to West Ham, a thrashing away at Newcastle, losing at home to Crystal Palace.

"The only way is up". No, sorry, things can get much worse from here, and as much as I want to believe otherwise I can''t see us scoring no matter who the opposition right now.

I really want to believe that we can go and steal a 1-0 against the Hammers, I really want to believe that we can bang a couple in against Palace, but I just can''t.

Our only hope is that we can defend like we did against Stoke and somehow steal a goal. But we look less likely to score this season than we did last season, and that really is saying something.

"Up" isn''t the only way things can go.

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We are supposed to have a far better strike force than last season. Either we overestimated the quality of our new players or something else, somewhere, is going wrong. On paper we are supposed to be better, yet expectations are unbelievably low.

Sums up the start of this season, really.

As for "up is the only way things can go"... Struggling not to fall out of this division will (again) be the story of our season. At best we''ll crawl up into mid-table, or we''ll stay here and go down.

Now all we need is a few players to put in great displays week in week out to prove all of us wrong.

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