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Rudolph Hucker

The difference between coaching and managing.

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I didn''t criticise CH today. I have said he looked frustrated, he certainly didn''t look defiant but he has a quiet stoic manner so perhaps it might be misinterpreted.

But it all comes down to the same thing for me and I''ve said it for months. It is the difference between being a coach and being a manager.

I know continental managers are often called coaches but managers they are.

The coach doesn''t have a public role and seldom talks to the media. It is a more direct role with players. The manager stands back but takes the decisions and, for that he needs to be more distant.

With so many egotistical millionaires kicking a ball a manager needs to be someone they care about but fear. It is a psychological role.

Sorry to bang on about Lambert but he and Culverhouse personify the roles.

After a fantastic Spurs career as a coach CH has had spells we all know about but with Norwich he hot given an overachieving club and not under-achieving as he had before. He kept us up with a core of players who had been part of years of success, he inherited a certain momentum. That has all but hone, the players are his. He does not seem to be able to fire them.

Redmond came to us because of Hughton, I''m sure others did too, he is a nice guy, he is a great coach but is he half the manager some of the far less experienced and technically competent managers are?

Therein lies the problem for me. He doesn''t quite fit the role

And Newcastle saw it.

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Spot on.

Hughton and his coaching team of former defenders have never had us playing good football.

They seem to think it is about margins, set pieces and other teams making mistakes.

We are not creating our own luck anymore.

Ive said it for a while, I expect a player revolt and Hughton sacked by November latest

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CH seems to lack passion and this gets transferred across to the players. Yes, he is a nice guy - but he comes across as a bit bland - maybe that is why we are so negative.

I am sure he is a good coach but he is not a good manager - well not for us anyway. We seem to be getting worse not better each week. Fans are also getting more and more frustrated by poor performances, and also with CH and his list of excuses.

We keep waiting for it all to fall into place and it is not happening. We do have some really good players but we don''t have a manager that can inspire them to perform. It is only early in the season but it is really hard to see CH turning this around - I just don''t think he has the skills as a manager to do it this time....

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