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RvWs 4 year contract

My view of the Brighton/Cambridge games

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Firstly, the away support at Brighton was superb. Virtually no empty seats in the away end from what I could see. Thought we played really well at the Amex with Leroy Fer and Redmond in particular linking up well. Was good to see Howson get forward a lot and get his goal. The best thing about the game at Brighton was the midfield. Thought (particuarly first half) the midfielders played really well both defending and going forward. Last year Johnson and Tettey were better defensive midfielders but Fer is good at both which enabled Tettey to sit back and Howson to get forward with Wolfy and Fer.Wolfy should have scored but it was a good save from the ''keeper so I''ll let him off. Tonight at Cambridge was by no means a first choice team with only Hooper and possibly Wes likely to figure next year (I''ve probably forgotten someone...). The Murphy twins did well on the wings and Loza had a good little cameo in the second half. All in all I''m very encouraged going into the new season. We''ve now got options in midfield which is something, in my opinion, we missed last year but having said that Leroy Fer has the quality to warrant starts every week. Would still prehaps like another striker in (for numbers as much as anything) and maybe a defender. P.S anyone know why Olsson hasnt figured yet?

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