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Becchio to Middlesbrough?

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My own opinion on "The Quag" changes on an hourly basis - veering from certainty that his arrival is imminent, to certainty that he''ll never come here in a million years.

That said, I can''t understand why West Ham would be anybody''s favourites to land him. Juve want cash. West Ham don''t want to part with any money, whereas we have a respectable bid on the table. In these circumstances, with our money on already on the table (and Juve impressed with the way we handle ourselves), there''s no way Juve will accept a loan deal.

Additionally - and I''m making massive assumptions here - I don''t think West Ham is right for him. They have a bigger reputation (wrongly in my opinion) so make better copy, which could help his bid for the Italy squad. However, Quag strikes me as a small city boy, rather than one for the metropolis. Just an opinion and probably wrong.

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