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USA tour and norwich fans

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I am delighted that we are in a position to do this tour.

I was working fortunate to work in the us football industry in marketing during the period of David beckhams arrival and for about three years.

I was part of the team that launched the Chelsea us online store and was part of the entourage to the team, having VIP passes to training etc But I had a lot of dealings wi the Chelsea fans that came out from London and those based in the us.

It helped to remind them of my Ncfc roots when I mentioned that jimmy smith was joining using loan.

The us contingent were knowledgable and many had be fans from the 60''s and 70''sj many knowing Bruce Buck personally.

It was this fandom that made the trip so special gauging how fandom can grow in other areas of the world. I fortunately went to Singapore and met with Ian are about working as a Liverpool fc employee within standard chartered as the bank had massive pushes in Asia in regard of the partnership. The fandom is deeply routed within generations.

During that burnet came over for a preseason tour and I met their fans, a small group that probably didn''t make the most out of the trip by meeting other uk based teams supporters or the club engaging with the community etc.

The key for the tour here is that we build a little profile, our pr guys in the us and team here in the uk should have arranged club involvement, open training sessions and worked with the MLS, us youth soccer to find opportune potential.

Our fans who are going out should have been packaged up by the club so that hotels were arranged close to players, forums with the managers opened up. It was fascinating to see how open Chelsea, roman a, mourinho were with fans and all as they were not the big fry in the land of opportunity.

I wish I was going but I also know we can build some massive bridges with California and that this should become a trip that we look to include each year if we maintain our development as a premiership club.

I am very excited know our players, support team will enjoy the MLS crowds and ethos.

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Yeah followed jimmy''s career with a little interest but it was great to see young players out with drogba, lampard, Essen etc. jack cork was a shy youngster but that experience has done him well.

Fans should contact MLS teams fan groups for tailgates etc. the connections can be so strong and any fan who just turns up has wasted a chance to see e MLS party and knowledgable fans. Make the most of it

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Yes a marketing push is clearly behind the tour. I fully expect the new away kit to be launched over in the states.

How about our new golden generation pictured in the kit with the golden gate bridge as a backdrop?!

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