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Staying up next season will be easy...

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I think people for some reason associate a goal of staying up with trying to finish 17th, when they are not mutually exclusive.

Anyone who thinks that next year''s primary aim isn''t to secure another year of premiership football is frankly mad. Do you think after years of consecutive PL seasons Stoke are not worried in the slightest about being relegated? look what has happened over the last 10 years or so to clubs viewed too good to go down.

Next years primary aim will be to secure safety again, that doesn''t mean its the only one. The difference in points between 8th and 17th was 10 points this year where as the difference between 7th and 8th was 12. There is clearly a break away of European chasers and the rest of the league.

What are the rest of us concerned with? Firstly ensuring we remain part of that 8th to 17th block but also to ensure we are as far to the top of it as possible. Those aims are not counter opposed they are complementary. While trying to achieve one you will achieve the other.

The Club I imagine would not be happy with a 17th place finish next year and neither would I, but it doesn''t mean that safety is not the priority once again.

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