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Ok so out of the players in the first team who do we replace?

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What is missing from this squad to make us even better?

I do think Bennett''s last few games has showed his promise of being a great young defender and can finally see him being the one..and with Bassong that is great and have Turner and Whittaker here also that is pretty strong.

Does Hoolahan have a future with us? I can see him as a sub only I would love to have someone a little stronger than him.

Howson I think is also starting to show his promise and I think with these last few performances he will be given more of a chance.

Bradley Johnson yes been solid this year but I don''t think he is our answer. There has to be players out there that can be just as bruising as him but with a little more skill in the middle of the park. To me he offers nothing going forward at all. Bring him on maybe later in games in close battles to solidify the middle of the field when holding on.

Snoddy has been solid, yes does a little too much diving but he has the skills and has a great cross and free kick ability and I think he will only get better.

Pilkington not sure how I feel about him. I think he has the potential but I want someone more consistent and possesses more of a threat personally.

I do think Holt and RVP could do some great things together. I still think Holt is a great player and you could see his frustration in games this year but I think that was cause of the style of footie we were playing and I can''t blame him. I do think Vaughn will be given an opportunity here now with how well he did in the championship but I think he will want to go personally.

So another Winger...2 more solid defenders..a midfielder who isn''t scared of going through the middle and challenging defenders and one more striker.

Goodbye to Fox,Surman,Barnett, Jackson,Rudd, Ayala,Tierney,Ward,Ademyi,Smith.

I know I am rehashing what almost everyone else has written but still :P

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