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I think after seeing worthy dismiss reports for Jarrett and Halls, I''m curious what players he is looking to sign.

1) Who is good enough quality-wise, to take us to the prem and still be good enough to play in it.

2) Who is young enough to help us build for the future and at the same time good enough to play for us.

3) And the biggest problem yet, who is within our price range.

I think that this season will mainly be based on the structure of the team that is already in place. Can we attract A-list players, I think there are too many financial restraints with our team at present to even consider bringing in the kind of players we need for seasons to come. Also our league status comes into play, anyone who fits the bill for the 3 requirements will more than likely go to a prem club, (even newly promoted).

I think we will have to do what West Brom have done, look to the summer next year if we get promoted so that we can attract the kind of players that fit the bill, not the B-list that can perform this season and not in the prem. Thoughts??


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I think if you read what Worthy actually said, he did not dismiss Jarret.  All he said was it was untrue that he will be signing in the next 48 hours.  He did not deny offering him a deal or talking to him.

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