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Bradwell canary

Are we the only ones?

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Are we the only club in the PL not to have the undoubted benefit of at least one large screen.

The extremely small score board we have at each end, does look second rate by today''s standards.

The cost must be pretty minor for a PL club.

Lets get up to date on this before the start of next season.

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What is the undoubted benefit of a large screen? In fact, I personally would refer a retro scoreboard like the old one above the barclay, saying "City" and "visitors" !!! Anyone else remember the little graphics that would come up after a goal or something? I always remember Vinnie Jones scoring an own goal when we were playing Sheffield Utd, and across the scoreboard came a two fingered salute! Brilliant, not that you''d get away with that in nowaday''s strict mundane society!

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