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Situation and expectancy going into last 2 seasons

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Last Season:


- a team full of confidence, used to winning most weeks for 2 seasons running.

- element of unknown about our players.

- gung-ho attacking policy

- no real expectancy, ie. no standard set as new into the league.


- very little Premiership know-how, including the managerial team.

- defensively naive.

- paying back debt meant less money to spend than rivals

This Season:


- increased Premiership experience.

- Premiership know-how manager


- Influential manager resigned.

- full new managerial team to integrate.

- just 8 weeks for incoming manager to learn all strengths and weaknesses of new squad, and to mould it for the forthcoming season.

- key player (Holt) handed in summer transfer request, which turned into a saga.

- newly promoted teams have higher financial clout than ourselves, due to sugar daddy''s at all 3.

- final season of paying off main debt, which is hindering our buying power in comparison to rivals.

- second season syndrome to deal with.

- no longer a surprise package to the PL. Our players are now widely known.

- Some confidence eroded due to not winning each week over past 12 months, in comparison to previous 2 years.

- pressure to remain in league at all costs, due to next season financial reward.

- on the back of a hugely successful first season where standards had been set. That season was history however and the slate now wiped clean.

What exactly is my point here? Well what I''m trying to demonstrate is that Chris Hughton inherited an awful lot of negatives and a tricky situation going into the season. This included a whole lot of challenges that did not exist 12 months earlier.

I honestly feel that, had Lambert been in charge this season, we may well have faced a much rockier season than many think. It would not have been the relatively comfortable one that we achieved, against all odds it has to be said, last season.

In my view, for CH to get us to 32 points with 10 games remaining, and 8 points clear of the drop zone is nothing short of amazing. After sitting at Stamford Bridge in October and seeing us lose with just 3 points on the board, I would have feared what the season would bring. For it to be turned round in the manner it has has been pretty darned good.

By hook or by crook, let''s get to the summer - Chris Hughton now knows his squad perfectly and will know what needs strengthening. He did to know this to the extent he would have liked in Juy.

We can then strengthen in the areas required, which will help us to kick on. The only thing that is important at this moment in time is STAYING IN THIS LEAGUE. Nothing else matters right now.

Yes, next season, let''s kick on and ensure the squad is balanced correctly. But right now we should be careful whatwe wish for (see Curbishley leaving midtable Charlton, Allardyce leaving midtable Blackburn, McCarthy leaving lower Wolves).

Chris Hughton, you are doing exactly what needs to be done. You deserve our FULL support in helping to achieve this seasons ultimate goal.

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"second season syndrome to deal with"


err that is a myth


as there is nothing unusual about the pattern of teams that are relegated in the second season than other seasons


and as you say it is not technically a second season as the manager is different as are most of the usual ''first team'' 



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It''s all a matter of opinions, but with the euphoria of the first season up in the PL having worn off, alty now sets in.

exceptional first seasons by Raeding and Ipswich were followed up by them falling flat on their faces and getting relegated.

This has also happened to Wolves, Birmingham and WBA (the year after their great escape in 2005).

To a lesser extent, it''s also happened to Hull, with QPR also finding it even tougher 2nd time around, with the hard work seemingly done last time around.

No evidence?! Probably best to take that head out of the sand ;)

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You are both right. I calculated last year that the number of clubs to go down in their 2nd year is about the same as the number who go down in their 3rd year, with the majority going down in year one (Since the formation of the Premier League in 92/93).

''Second season syndrome'' is really a ''you will be very lucky to get a fourth season'' fact. Next season will be as difficult as this season. Wolves are the latest example of third season relegation.

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