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My belated review of last night + player ratings

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My views on the game - if anything comes across as negative then please do not read too much in to it, i''m very proud of our performances up until now and there is not a single player that has not added something to our mid table charge so far!


Last night against wolves I feel we started very well and really took the game to them, very impressed with some of the quick, short passing we were playing paticurlaly from hoolahan, surman and fox. In all fairness I would have taken a point away at wolves before the game kicked off, it''s just a shame we were in a good position with ten minutes to go. Saying this though wolves dominated from the half hour mark onwards and came on very strong in the last ten minutes.


My Player Ratings:


Ruddy - Maybe could have done better with the first goal? other than that a solid performance once again.6


Naughton - Going forward kyle has no problem at all, defending however his positioning is not always great and relies on his pace a little too much. Would love to sign him though as back up for russell martin. 6


Whitbread - Class act. The defence seems more settled with him in it and his organisational skills are evident. Once fully fit and alongside a regular centre half I feel he could be pivotal in our fight to stay in this league. 8


R. Martin - Continues to give 100% and put in consistent performaces but I would love to see him back at right back with a new signing alongside whitbread. 7


Tierney -Another solid performance, I like how he joins the attack at every opportunity. 7


Fox - This is a tough one. Fox when on the ball is one of our best players and really does get the team playing some lovely stuff. However when he''s not on the ball I think he''s pretty ineffective and drifts in and out of games a little too much. I''m not sure if this is to do with fitness or some other reason?7


Surman - Before last nights game i was hoping that pilkington would start. I stand corrected, Surman was superb last night in his passing, movement and work rate for the team. Top performance. 9


Crofts - Another who struggles as soon as he isnt playing at top form. Fantastic work-rate and battling last night mind even though he was poor on the ball. 6


Hoolahan - Back to his best last night, was prominent in all our good play and really does make things happen. Tracking back and putting in tackles all night.8


Morrison - I read on here earlier someone saying that morison was lazy? We must have been watching a different game......His movement in to the channels was different class and he turned Roger Johnson time and time again. Fantastic signing, making the step up look easy. 8


Holt - average performance. 6

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Would definitely agree with Whitbread. I have criticised him a fair bit in the past and didn''t rate him whatsoever last season.

Last night though I thought he had a very good game and did seem to be organising the defence more than anyone else. Hopefully he can continue to change my opinion of him.

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