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Tangible Fixed Assets anyone?

Has anybody received a copy of the 2011 NCFC Plc Accounts yet?

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[quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"]The club seems to be taking quite a while to distribute the latest Accounts.[/quote]


Got mine, Tangible. It''s all a plot against you...[:P]


Ok, no. Not really. Last year a PDF was available immediately online once the club published its outline of the results on its website, but that didn''t happen this week. Possibly the difference is that last year the club published the full as well as the outline results simultaneously. This time perhaps it was so deeply in love with the results it jumped the gun a bit and just gave us the sexy outline.


Anyway, whatever, I gather (I think) that the full results will be published (presumably including by PDF?) once shareholders have received their hard copies in the post.

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