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Thoughts on strikers...

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In response to a lot of the nonsense posts on here recently:
  • If we want to sign a proven goal scorer at Championship level who is not too old then we would have to pay a lot of money - say £5m +. Clubs just don''t sell players like that without a massive incentive.
  • There is no such thing as a striker that is guaranteed to score goals at this level. Just look at Torres going to Chelsea for £50m; world class striker yes, but not guaranteed to score.
  • No one knows whether any given player will be able to step up a level until they are give a chance at that level. Dean Ashton is a great example - did really well for us and went from being a £3m gamble to an £8m proven goal scorer. Grant Holt has also stepped up a level with us and proven himself in the Championship. Cody M(a?)cDonald stepped up from non-league and is proving himself in league 2. No one knows whether he will be able to step up to Championship (or even Premiership) level next season.  Will people please stop pretending to know with such certainty one way or the other.
  • Transfer prices are going to be inflated at the moment given the time of year. £3m is about right for a striker with a reasonable scoring record and it would be a gamble. If he scores a few and we go up then it looks like shrewd business. If he flops then it would have backfired but at least we would have given it a shot.
  • Realistically who else could we possibly get for that kind of money with a better scoring record or with more potential at this stage of the season?

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