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shall i bring my metronome?

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today''s trip to palace disappointed me for the following reasons:

obviously we could have had a goal and 3 points had our play in the final third been a tad sharper.

some of our fans booing at the end.. it''s not as if the players weren''t trying, booing should be reserved for desperate times only such as forcing a manager, (or robert chase) out.

but mainly because we only got our songs going on a few occasions. great turn-out, poor noise. whilst i take my hat off to those prepared to start the songs... why oh why do they have to start some of them so quick and then get quicker and quicker until the song fizzles out prematurely?!? have they taken music off the syllabus at school these days?

''paul lambert''s green & yella army'', ''follow follow follow...'', and even ''yellow army''... all great songs, all being sung too fast and fizzling out too quick.

i see some singers getting frustrated when others don''t join in.. but maybe you''re not singing the songs in time!

perhaps i should dress up as simon rattle and conduct from the front next time?!?

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