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  1. On the right side, on the right side, on the right side Max Aarons. On the left side, on the left side, on the left side Jamal Lewis. (the Jamal has to be said quickly of course). And whilst we're at it, what about.. Super, super Mo, Super, super Mo, Super super Mo, Super Moritz Leitner.
  2. votepedro

    we love you norwich...

    however the game goes on wednesday night i think it would show real class if we could belt out a few renditions of ''we love you norwich''. let''s face it, whatever you think about the season, all involved have given it their all, and come what may, we stick together.

  3. votepedro

    1 65+ ticket available

    Ticket now gone

  4. votepedro

    1 65+ ticket available

    Top tier, behind the goal, block 512. 65+.

    Face value + booking fees = £27.

    Pm me.

  5. votepedro

    We Need New Chants

    one that''s easy for everyone to sing along with...

    su-per, super lew

    su-per, super lew

    su-per, super lew

    super lewis grabban

  6. love it. it must be sung.

    was the birmingham connection accidental or part of the genius?

  7. votepedro

    new away kit


  8. votepedro

    new away kit

    anyone know when it''s due to come out?

  9. votepedro


    ok, ta

  10. votepedro


    have i missed something, but who was player of the season and when was it announced?

  11. votepedro

    Going Down To The Wire!

    as a ''casual'' fan myself i can''t say what it''s like in the barclay or snake pit, but i can say that in the city stand and jarrold i''ve often been stared at by bewildered children as i''ve tried and failed many times to get a song going, or even a (happy) clap-a-long. it''s dire and it does my nut in.

  12. votepedro

    Going Down To The Wire!

    interesting post. i think the atmosphere would improve if people moved around the ground a bit more. shake it up i say. we need to get more singers in the ''casual'' seats in the jarrold, next to the away fans. give some support to the barclay/snake pit and get the noise going around the ground.

    and yes, follow the german model. it makes so much more sense on every level.

  13. votepedro

    do we need a drum at carra road ?

    for many years i''ve always hated drums at other grounds. however with our current problem of songs speeding up and dying out so quickly, you may be onto something.

  14. votepedro

    4 shots 2 goals

    west brom at liverpool.

    we could so with a slice of that kind of luck!

  15. votepedro

    Only 9

    [quote user="Beefy is a legend"]I am getting mightily jarred off with the miserable minority on here. A record of 2 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses will get us to 38pts now which is surely enough to survive.

    For the likes of QPR, they now need some 21pts for 12 games to secure the same record, meaning a record of 6wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats. I don''t see that happening.

    Likewise Wigan, Villa are desperately struggling and Reading still need 4 wins and 3 draws to equal 38. None of those sides have less resources than us, most have more, yet we are way above them. Please, please realise we have done very well to get to 29pts.

    I''ll take 9 more draws from our last 12 games if that''s what it takes, but for the record, Reading, Soton, Villa, Swansea and WBA home and Sunderland and Wigan away provide plenty of chances for the 2 wins we could do with to stay up...[/quote]

    fair point.