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Player Ratings

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Rudd - 6. Not much to do but kicking was wayward. Ruddy should return tuesday.

R Martin - 7. Usual Russell Martin performance, defended well and linked up well with Korey and Macca in attack.

Ward - 7. Already has an almost telepathic partnership with Barnett and only made one mistake where he got mixed up with Crofts. Booked.

Barnett - 8. If it weren''t for Korey he would have got MOM. Loves using his head and was very solid. Sign him up in Jan Lambert.

Drury - 7. Plays better with Lappin in front of him, got up well in attack in the second half.

Smith - 9. MOM. Wow, he is so energetic it''s unbelieveable. Good work rate and did just as much in attack as he did in defence. Will be a massive player for us.

Crofts - 8. Darrel who? Was really strong in the tackle and kept the midfield ticking over throughout the 90 minutes. Spread the ball really well today.

Lappin - 7. Made a few good runs and won the ball back a few times. Gutted about Surman but not too worried with Lappin taking his place.

Hoolahan - 5. Still to see the Wes of last season, loses the ball too much.

C Martin- 7. Good game today, linked up with midfield fairly well and good goal although free kicks not up to scratch.

Holt - 5. Didn''t seem up for it and seemed very lazy, perhaps not match fit? Had one moment of brilliance in the build-up to our second goal (I think, or it might have been just before?) with a jinking run into the box.


McNamee - 8. Massive parts in both goals and he must be confused as to why he isn''t starting.

Jackson - N/A. Wasn''t given too long and didn''t get much of the ball. Booked. 


Ref - 5. Picked up on every little incident and didn''t let the game flow. Didn''t do anything about Barnsley''s time wasting.

Fans - 8. Bit quiet  for a large amount of the game. Gave an 8 for the brilliant tribute for Roy Waller (R.I.P.).

Lambert - 8. Brought Rudd and Lappin onto the side neither of which making any mistakes. Brought Macca on at the right time which changed the game and new signing Barnett had a blinder on his home debut.

Barnsley - 6. Started brightly but soon let Norwich get on top. Goal came out of nowhere. Really struggled in the second half, especially after Macca came on.


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Agree with that apart from the Ref, thought he had a pretty good game considering Barnsley were trying to time waste. Woulda given him a 6 to be fair.Match Day Pie Choice : 4   Meat and Potato / Cauliflower Cheese     ( A school Dinner Nightmare )Pie :   Meat and potato  : 3... Tasted vile over baked and the sludge could have passed off as any number of fillings

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