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The Watford Match

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Just some points taken from the 1st game although it may not be judgeable just from one game:

Ruddy looks awful and had poor handling

R Martin and Nelson did ok

Ward looks as though he isnrt fit enough

Drury didnt get forward enough as usual

Crofts and Surman look good

Wes awesome again although should pass more

Didn''t see much of Fox

Jackson looks ok but is prob not championship quality

C Martin didnt have much support

Holt looked good when he came on but why the hell did lambert wait till 70 mins to bring him on?!


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Not sure what game you were watching but Russel Martin was arguably the worse player on the pitch. Nelly was slow but scored a nice goal (not his primary task though). Ruddy did well concidering the poor defence in the first half. Watfords 3rd goal took a nasty deflection otherwise Ruddy had it covered. Holt came on for 20 mins as he''s still not match fit.

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