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Championship Final Table

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What are everyone''s prediction for this season? Mine is:

1 .Middlesbrough

2. QPR

3. Sheffield United

4. Nottingham Forest

5. Leicester City

6. Doncaster Rovers

7. Burnley

8. Bristol City

9. Leeds United

10. Hull City

11. Cardiff City

12. Norwich City

13. Swansea City

14, Ipswich Town

15. Reading

16. Barnsley

17. Preston North End

18. Portsmouth

19. Millwall

20. Derby County

21. Coventry City

22. Watford

23. Crystal Palace

24. Scunthorpe United

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Not doing the whole table but:1. Burnley2. Forest3. QPR4. Middlesbrough5. Doncaster6. Sheffield United......10. Norwich......21. Scunthorpe22. Millwall23. Ipswich (genuinely)24. Palace

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