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Don''t get me wrong, I''m becoming as edgey as everyone else, but I''m not hitting the panic button just yet. Yes, last night''s performance was laclustre to say the least. And yes, a majority of our performances within the last month have been below par. I firmly believe that since Southampton we have needed a deserved defeat. Before people go crazy at me, "Defeat?! You''re crazy! BINNER!" Just hear me out.
We''ve been playing poorly recently, you can''t deny that. Yet somehow, we''ve still been accumulating points (17 from 24, discounting last night). We''ve become complacent and let''s face it, a little bit cocky. Believing that we can brush aside the lesser teams with ease with little to no effort needed. When I say we, I don''t mean management or fans, I mean a selection of players.

The loss last night can hopefully put the cat among the pidgeons and force the players to pull their fingers out. I for one hope they are nervous. I hope they feel the way we do right now and up their game. This is not a dig at them, far from it. They have been immense this season, no question about it. Unfortunately, it seems the 11 point gap we formed at the top was a signal for the players to relax and take their foot off the pedal.

Lambert will know from last night who is up for the fight and who isn''t. I also firmly believe that we will give Charlton a hell of a game. Come on boys, let''s give a performance at Charlton like we did against Colchester away.

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