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Actim Index top 100 players

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Posted as one of Normanns ''stato'' posts

I see from the FAs stats city have 4 players in the top players and I was surprised to see that they are, in reverse order

83 Fleming
78 Francis
61 Huckerby

and citys best stats player is...

52nd place Simon Charlton.

Very strange given the weakness in the air and number of goals being conceeded that our central defencive pairing; that I want to rip apart; clearly has performed well in someones eyes.

Even odder is the fact that Charlie currently sits in 10th place in the competition for the worst premier passer. Down to the long ball game we play I have no doubt but a crown we need to keep clear of.

Do we see Charlie as the worst passer at the club?
Are we being over critical of our central defenders?
Is Fleming really our 4th best player this season?
Why no Greeno?

Or is this a classic example of there are stats, damn stats and out right lies? I like to think so



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Regarding Greeno, I must say (carefully) that I don''t think he''s played as well as he could. He has made some astonishing saves, but also looked worried on a few crosses and blundered against Man City. I was really expecting him to make an "Arjen Robben" type impact on the premiership and have everyone talking about him.Fleming is only in that list because of Charlton, I reckon.

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Just to prove you can interpret statistics any way you want.

Looking at the current nucleus of teams at the bottom including us:-

Norwich - 4 mentions , highest position 52

Palace - 3 mentions, highest position 5 (Johnson) then 94 and 95

Blackburn - 1 mention, highest position 31 (Dickov)

Southampton - 1 mention, highest position 59 (Svennson)

Fulham - 1 mention, highest position 80 (Cole)

West Brom - zilch.



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