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Score Seven predictions vs Fulham - City to shade it!

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Garth Crooks - A

Gary Pallister - H

Lee Dixon - D

Gavin Peacock - H

If we add in Lawrenson (A), then that means that the BBC experts are split down the middle in their views.

However, the Score Seven league table (% correct to date)shows:

Pallister - 55% (go there Gary!)

Dixon - 50%

Peacock - 49%

Crooks - 34%

BBC CONCLUSION................. CITY TO SHADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Interesting ! so the best of the so called *experts achieves 55% ? 

 If you blindly backed every match as a home win your success rate would be 50%. average . Hmmmm.

*Meaning : spelled "expert".  pronounced "ex-spurt"  :    ex = hasbeen  ,   spurt = drip under pressure.


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