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Report: City Sign 16 year old Danish Striker...

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Just a quick query to ask if anyone heard anything about this? Apparently we''ve signed "promising" 16 year old Asmat El Ouargui from Hvidovre on a season and a half year scholarship deal, subject to International clearance, with no transfer fee involved (according to pg517 on Teletext (ITV)). Theres a quote from Ricky Martin saying "its an exciting time for him (Asmat) and ourselves (City)". I''ve never heard of Hvidovre or El Ouargui but surely this must be a positive step forward? What hope of more International youth players arriving at City in the near future? I think it does demonstrate two things though: firstly, we are not afraid to look abroad for players and that secondly, we''re looking to safeguard out future by looking at young players now. Perhaps we''re looking at an Arsenal-type scenario with Danish/Swedish players rather than French ones...?!? Any views/comments? 

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