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Northern Canary

Don't worry be happy.........

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You never know that "Once in our lifetime occurence might just happen"........

After relegation from the premiership and then championship we plunder to the depths of Div 1 with record crowds.

After a miraculous play off final win when when we are only a minute away from defeat after being 2-0 down, we storm

the Championship to regain our rightful place back in the Premier League. The Club and board show Ambition bringing in

new investment and spend over 200 million on quality players and the place is full of hope and fun being a supporter again.

And then you wake up and realise that this has already happened and you are still living in hope that one day our great club

( in our eyes at least) will be fun once more.

Living abroad at 2-0 last night I turned the commentary off but after 10 minutes was back listening.

Is that all we have left? Forever living in hope of better times to come because that''s what it feels like right now.


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