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Formation and team selection for the next 2 matches

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I apologise if im rehashing here, I haven''t managed to read all the messages posted this weekend. Sometimes I hate to be proved right, once again we were toothless although I would suggest that using the diamond formation at home is way too conservative unless somebody thinks we can stay up drawing 30 games. I would be happy to see us play the diamond formation at Anfield if it works as well as it did against Spurs we should at least hold our own.

I am still not convinced with Holts performances and was surprised that some people were raving about him after Saturday. I still don''t think he did enough to deserve his place, Safri on the other hand was much more impressive. I like the idea of Francis and Safri in Midfield in a 4-4-2.

At home we must be more adventurous as I have said before im not surprised we are not scoring goals we are relying on a player who is much more creator than poacher to get our goals and the fact that there is nobody in front of him to provide for is probably reducing the number of goals he provides by 50% (remember all those assists last season ?)

We also need to know what other squad members could add to the team so I would play a completely different team tomorrow and hopefully give Worthy some headaches if not for Liverpool certainly for Portsmouth. my suggestion would be:


Helveg Charlton Fleming Drury

Jonson Safri Francis Brennan

Svennson Mckenzie

Bench Jarvis , Henderson, Mcveigh, Shackell , Gallagher

My only real reservation with this team would be the fact that resting Huckerby would mean that we might not find a formation that would necessarily work with him in the team.

My reasoning as follows.

Ward: lets see what might happen in January if the big guns come calling

Helveg: Lets see if he has managed to find his feet with the pace of the Premiership and see if he offers more going forward than Edworthy if we play the diamond.

Jonson: Needs more time on the pitch and a bit of confidence

Safri: Still needs more time in the team and would like to see him in a traditional 4-4-2 to see how he copes.

Brennan: The forgotten man, see what he''s made of and again perhaps consider him at the back when playing the Diamond

Svennson: Give him another chance, He has seen that Doc play he knows what he has to with his workrate, lets see if he is up to the challenge (on his day he has more attacking flair than the Doc)

McKenzie: give him a start and see if he really is the answer, if not Bring Jarvis/Henderson or Mcveigh on to play upfront.

Next Saturday


Edworthy Charlton Fleming Drury (Our Defence have been magnificent in every game this season)


  Safri               Francis


  Doherty        Mcveigh

Ok im not a big Bentley fan, still waiting for him to prove me wrong and will be over the moon when he does (that miss on saturday was awful) I think Paul Mcveigh is probably the most natural finisher at the moment , Mckenzie seems a bit nervous as he has missed his chances so far he is getting more tense with every game.  

Ok its a bold formation, what does everyone think ?



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I agree with your reasoning for the BR game- must take the chance to play some of the "fringe" players.

I think all tese funny formations though are not doing us any favour in the Prem. I like the look of it for Div One but I fear that we are just getting pulled apart by lack of cover in wide midfield.  What happened on Saturday was that one or two of the central players went over to help out, a Villa player came into the gap and things then look shaky with players scrambling out of position.

Having previously advocated something a little different I feel that we should stick to 4-4-2 with Huck playing left midfield and McKenzie partnershered by Svensson up front. I hope the spell on teh side will have done Matt some good and the initial enthusaiam regarding Doherty is now tempered by reality that its not working particularly well. Yes, he holds the ball up but there is often no one to pass it to.This may be heresy but Huck does have the tendency to pull himself too wide to link with the other forward at times.

So I would go:


Edworthy Flem Charlton Drury

Bentley Safri Francis Huckerby

McKenzie Svenson

Bench: Helveg, Jonson or McVeigh, Doherty, Holt, Gallacher

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I''m glad someone has put McVeigh up front with Doc and Hucks behind them. McVeigh IS a centre forward afterall and we need someone up front who can lash the ball in. I''m not McKenzie, Doc, Hucks or Bentley has McVeigh''s ability infront of goal

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