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Pi$$ed As A Mattress

Difference between a fan and supporter?

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[quote user="St. Cluck"][quote user="shortfatb"][quote user="St. Cluck"][quote user="St. Cluck"][quote user="nutty nigel"]

I have no axe to grind over this. And certainly none with my friend The Butler. But the post immediately above Purples quite succinctly shows how these divisions appear on this board just to satisfy the trolling of sad individuals who have no relevant input of their own.




Oh dear... Now we know why she got her Y-fronts in such a twist over the PURISTS don''t we?....You really have got a slate missing somewhere haven''t you? 

Look out Butler or he''ll have you wearing the burqa next....


Although you took it well Butler... it wasn''t a directed at you at all I can assure you!

Sometimes those who constantly flick pebbles at others and then run to mother need a boulder on their head. I''ve met dozens of them during my lifetime and can spot them a mile off. NN is an absolute gem..... ex civil servant or council employee no doubt.

Like I say .... he''ll have you in a burqa next time you stray from the inner circle and then your legs will never see the light of day again! [;)]


[/quote]Made yourself look a bit of a tit on  this thread Cluck didn''t you? Then realised and tried to crawl back by being a bigger slimeball than usual. Pass the sick bag. Good to see that you still have no opinion on the team, just Delia and ancient history. [/quote]

Oh dear.....

What a sad little knob you are.......

[/quote]Loved the retort, you''re a bard, a witty bard, a witty, sagacious bard, it''s great to have someone like you as a mentor, except if I want to talk about football....   

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