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Squad for League 1

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Looking at what we are left with at the moment who do we see be left for a start to League 1 (Assuming the miracle doesn''t happen Sunday)


Marshall  - would sell.









Can''t see any of these being sold for more than peanuts. Probably be a decent defence at this level but short on cover.


Croft Will walk away on a free

Clingan - sell

Hoolahan - might stay- can''t see him leaving for a lot of money

Lappin - keep

Russell - keep - not worth a lot in transfer money

Pattison - keep if wages not an issue. Could be a good solid performer at this level





Cureton - Keep unless on silly money - he will score goals at this level if we have a big striker alongside

MacDonald - could be a real star

Cort - not the answer - get rid unless we are really confient he is fit enough to last a season.

Martin - big season for this lad- last chance to prove himself

Daley -a bit like Martin, time to prove his worth


Need to get a big striker and some cover at full back. Is Lee the answer? Not sure about him. Very good start but was awfull against Ipswich and Reading.

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We need to start getting rid of the rubbish at this club so , Cureton ,Cort,Russell ,Otsemobor, Drury can all go  Patisson is frozen out now so he will be off , Doc may get a better offer , Hoolahan will definately get a better offer, Croft and Clingan are certain to go and Alan Lee has never been any good and is not the answer . Hopefully Gunn will have been shown the door and if we are very very lucky Delia and her clowns will have departed too, if not expect to be in the bottom 8 again  next season.

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If we stay in this league I agree about getting rid of the so called rubbish. However if relegated these are the qulity of players we will be facing most weeks. We can''t afford better so stick with them.

I can''t see Doc getting a better offer and Hoolahan has yet to prove himself so would struggle to get a much better offer, at best a bottom half championship team on no better money than we are paying him.

The main thing is we need to rebuild with our OWN players. No loans thankyou!!

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Not a bad shout..Although, I wouldn''t mind selling Ostemobor as Spillane can play at right back ?In addition, Im not sure what long term damage Drury has as Im worried about his lack of apearences this year. I also question whether Stephanovic will have the stomach for League 1, not what you need in the twilight of your career.I''d like to keep Hoolahan but if the media is right Warnock would consider a Hoolahan / Lee swap. Would Lee come to League 1 though ?I think Pattison is out of favour with Gunn hence the lack of appearences since he took over, so I believe he will move on.I''d sell Cureton for the same reason as Stephanovic plus they''re likely to be larger wage earners.I''d give Cort another years contract and see how many matches he play. He could play the big man alongside MacDonald the ''little un'' or Martin.Assuming all the above, I think it''ll be time to give the kids a go as I can''t see many signings coming in or loans ?

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