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Hello there. Now everybody take a deep breath. I am afraid we have to get realistic about being in the premier league. This is a tough league to be in, and i know we need points on the board.

I wanna stay in this division so badly, like you all but as much as i respect peoples opinions, when the crowd start booing their own players, i just can''t accept that. Last year we were this club that had the players and fans pushing in the same direction, and for most of us that really is still the case, but the minority who feel the need to jeer, well please don''t as how are those actions going to help this club achieve its goal to stay in this league. I for one feel that this goal is achievable.
For those callers who are insisting worthy is making mistakes and should be doing this and that and these players should be playing, and for those who are saying the unthinkable and the utterly stupid that worthy should go. I am going to ask you some questions.
How may games has worthy has as a premier league manager?
How much money could worthy spend?
Do you really want us to become another financial statistic?
Facts about this league
Managers that have found this league tough.
Santini, Pleat, keegan, George Graham, Hoddle, Dave Jones, Houllier, Dalglish, Micky Adams, Strachan, Gulllit, Megson, and i guess many more. Some of these managers won stuff and have managed at international level, but they eventually were sacked or the pressure took its toll.
Just look at two of the established Premier teams like Blackburn and Southampton, not doing great are they and they have spent quite a bit of money in the last few years. West Brom have spent a fortune and aren''t exactly setting the world alight.
Manchester city, who are 60 million in debt
Liverpool who have announced losses of 22 million
Bolton are only now getting on top of their debt which was something like 30 million
Chelsea who would have done a Leeds before Leeds did a Leeds. They were 2 weeks from going bust before the dodgy Russian with the dodgy money bailed them out.
If Sir Worthy had spent millions and millions and had previous premier manager experience and had inherited a team who were an established premier side then i could accept some of the comments. We need to judge Worthy after at least one season in top flight, not 12 games.
I still believe, come on people believe with me.
Keeping it real for the yellows of this world

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It''s hard to say exactly where Crystal Palace fit into this as I don''t know everything about them; however, they do have one very wealthy backer (Simon Jordan) and have therefore spent considerably more than us before this season started.  They also had one win against a poor Fulham side (yes I know they have just thrashed Newcastle away) who had a man sent off before ten minutes was on the clock, and this became the springboard for two more as their belief and confidence levels increased.  They also (as I''ve said elsewhere) play 4-5-1 at home and away, which allows them to stifle the opposition in the middle of the park, soak up pressure if needs be, and catch teams on the breakaway using their biggest asset (AJ).  They also have a very astute manager who seems to be a great motivator and very much a club man through-and-through.

Looking at just these few observations I really think that the only things that separate us from them at the moment (apart from Simon Jordan''s considerable resources!) is the confidence and belief that comes from winning, and the playing to their strengths, for I''m not sure that we always do as too many of our players seem to play out of position. 


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Crystal Palace, fair point, they are out doing themselves at the moment, and fair play to them. I was only highlighting how difficult this league is. I was also trying to show my disappointment at people who deem it necessary to boo their own team.

I have read Iwans book and he states how the players love the crowd when they are behind the team, but feel very aggrieved when certain players are getting barracked and the crowd are jeering their own team.

I just feel that getting on the players backs is totally unacceptable, and is hardly going to encourage or inspire them to greater levels.

Keepin it real for the yellows


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