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lincoln canary (& Golden Coppel)

Friday nights player ratings

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couldnt see anyones ratings posted anywhere so for any one interested in the belated ratings, mine are -

Marshall 7 - did not have a lot to do, but when he was called in to action to everything well. Made his usual world class save!

otsemobor 4 - this player really annoys me! he constantly hides away at right back. when he recieves the ball he rarely looks to utilise is pace and bomb forward, on the couple of occasions he did he caused problems. for me i would be looking at brining omozusi back in.

doc 8 - solid as ever, good in the air battled hard. absoulute diabolical defending by about 5 defenders cost us the goal including Doc.

grounds 7 - played well alongside doc. won his headers and again battled hard and looked up for the cause. my only concern with grounds and the doc is the lack of pace and their tendancy to hoof.

bertrand 6 - did ok, defending was better then in recent weeks but still allowed their winger to much space at times. tried to get forward but not to much effect.

Hoolahan 6 - not too much came off for him on friday. but again the only one who looked capable of creating somthing and worked hard, defended well for the team whenhe needed to. threw a stropwhen substituted, hope that was just frustration rather then an issue with gunn, the last thing we need is to lose hoolahan.

clingan 5 - poor performance from him. didnt control the game and gave the ball away at an alarming rate! not his usual self and was dominated by stock and wellens.

fozzy 6 - similar to clingan but worked hard. tried to stop wellens and at times he did. distribution was not great but probally better then clingans. needs to cool his temper aswell, when things start going wrong fozzy just wants to square up after every tackle!

croft 7 - a fully comited performance from crofty, ran himself into the ground. always our best outlet for a counter attack and he caused their defence problems throughout. looks like he wants to be here so get him signed up!!

cureton 4 - offered nothing at all. his off the ball movement was poor and when presented with a great oppurtunity he fluffed it.

russell 6 - battled hard untill injury. again why is it when a player is injured ( seemingly badly ) no one in yellow and green goes over to see if he is ok? i think one or two did but the rest just stood 50 yards away with their hands on the hips seemingly not bothered. am i reading to much into this? it happened at sheff utd with sibs injury.

cort 6 - came on and did the target man role well, unfortunately cannot then get the ball out of his feet!

pattison - 3 looked awfull when he came on, poor decision to bring pattison on for hoolahan.



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Wouldn''t really disagree too much with any of the ratings. Cligan was poor by his standards which didn''t leave us much bite or passing ability in the centre.



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