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Lewie - Holt Our Saviour

So who do yo think we will get in the transfer window (loans or transfers)

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fact that no one has bothered to reply says it all......i dont think anyone has a clue how little money GR has or otherwise.The Lita thing is clearly based on the players desire to move somewhere other than here rather than the finances involved (plus readings desire not to loan him and then lose him on a free).AS for the rest, well......loans go to be replaced by other loans.possibly 2 very uninspiring perms and thats about it.on a side note i believe tomorrow truely is a HUGE game for the tactically naive mr roeder.I really do think he''ll be pushed if we get a tonking.....and as its bee nmentioned many times already on here, we are definitely underperforming considering the players we have.The board needs a reshake we all know that but lets just get a manager who knows how to play to our players strengths and MAN MANAGE!!!!!Ideas on a postcard.....

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