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Yellow Rider

Ghosts of '95?

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Whilst YR was up on his feet in Block K revelling in seeing the stunned, furious faces of the ''South Folk'', my mind went back to 1995. Did we not stuff the neighbours 3-0 but that was the only win in the second half of the season and we were relegated?

Enjoy the limelight for sure but unless we can capitalise on the spirirt this has generated then it will be a false dawn (and how many of those have we had!!).   

The main thing about yesterday was the team keeping a clean sheet and I have to admit the boy Elliott was great at the back with The Doc. Semmy switched off alarmingly at times whilst Plastic is still a shadow of last seasons player. At last Wes is being given a run and although it took him a while, he grew into the game and did a damn sight more hassling and work than Pattison did. Having said that Pattison is finding the net now and that, in itself, could be priceless come May next year. The Clingon was man of the match by a country mile, how anyone could doubt that is beyond me. The guy has that great quality of ''time on the ball'' which is one of the most prized assets a professional footballer can have.

BUT, and its a damn big ''but'' as well, our ''strikeforce'' in the squad is shamefully woeful in terms of number and quality. OK we beat Ips--- but would you honestly rather have Lita, Lupoli, Sibierski, Cureton and Koroma with all the contract problems not to mention lack of confidence, ability and experience in that mix or the set of strikers that they can call on? Might not have worked for them yesterday and we totally deserved our win but what are our prospects post January window as fas as strikers are concerned?? It is very worrying. The most likely prospect is that Marshall will be sold for c£3M with us then gambling a chunk of that on Lita. To be honest I''m not 100% convinced about Lita. Did we not have all this hype over a certain David Neilson?     

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