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New here!!!

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Hello everyone.I''m new on here and would like to be friendly by saying hello.

So what are our chances this season?

What do you think of our signings?


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welcome to the pinkun!

Our chances this season to avoid relegation will be a battle, but if eventon and MAn city fail to provide this could be a bright pathway for us. With huckerby, svennson mkcenzie jonson etc. bainging in goals, this season could go our way!

Our new signings:

Bently: will add that extra class we need to the side. With his pin-point crosses and great curl, i bet we will see him score and set up many goals this season for norwich.
i would also like worthy to try and buy him!

Helveg; can provide that cover for us and will probably play left wing with steady eddie at right back. Helveg has that international experience that city need to stay up. A great defender and Edworthy might learn something for the future.

Jonson: A winger, can play either side using either feet. Like Helveg he has international experiance and like bently will create those chances with crosses, runs and throughballs. Like Helveg a bargin buy!

Darren Ward: A welsh international keeper, great backup for Greeno And Gallacher

Paul Gallacher: Great back-up for greeno!

Simon Charlton: brilliant buy, great bargin. Full premiship experiance and great in the air despite his lack of height. Simon will add great cover to our defence and will probably be picked ahead of malky all seaon.

Youssef Safri: Despite his current injury (hernia op) im sure safri will push his way into the first team alongside Damien Francis (who had an outstanding pre-season). Safri has great determanation and like Francis is a real battle machine in the midfield.

Overall i feel norwich will batle well and finish 2 or 3 places above relegation.

Only problems at the moment are:

(1)height in defence
(2) need another center back
(3) need a target man

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with the helveg bit i ment right wing :D

and i posted b4 DD for once!!!

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Want to sign Bentley!!! Sorry but let''s be realistic

Wenger knows he is top top top
Arsenal are top top top

We should be thankful he has chosen to be with us this year and wish him the very best when he is picking up Champions League medals with the big boys in years to come

Unless we become a big five club?!!!??

(Which we wont in the next couple of years - our best hope is to be a Bolton, Chartlon, Birmingham - established Prem side)

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i agree, but still if worthy said he was interested you never know.........

All we have to do is play our game and hope that other clubs like Everton And Man city might fail to provide giving us a way to get above them.

Anywhere above relegation and ill be happy!

BOb woz ere............

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