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From my Caribbean perch - oh yes!!!!

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FROM having to put up with Chris Waddle''s pathetic and repetitive pre-conceived comments in the Palace match on BBC Radio World Service live commentary - everything City (+ Palace ) did wrong elicited the comment "....not of Premiership quality'',not of Premiership quality at all!"
[when Damien Francis sliced a snapshot 5 feet over the bar near the end, hear Twaddle - Oh dear, you see what I mean again - not Premiership quality!!! Well, well, well -who was it that
cleared the bar by about 5 feet in the 1990 World Cup penalty shoot-out aginst Germany??
Talk about twaddle. The commentator - Murray? - was almost as bad.
Definitely not BBC quality and not what we pay our licence fee for. Do better BBC.

TO utter frustration. Local cable TV company scheduled to show Man Utd match live, so american Fox coverage blocked out. Then tragedy "unable to bring you this match due to technical difficulties" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Had to put up with packaged highlights later. Both Sky TV and american analysts fairly complimentary about City''s resolve and late pressure.

TO unalloyed joy! Live TV coverage today of Newcastle match. What a splendid, heart warming performance from City with a gutsy and stirring second half fight back!! Also, brave team selection and substitution strategy by Worthy. Ball posession which is so absolutely critical in the Premiership seems to be improving. Congratulations too to the match commentator (?) and comments man (Kenny Samson) who were quite balanced and certainly increasingly impressed and complimentary about City''s performance and potential the longer the match went on.
Of the new staff, Charlton looked good, Bentley OK, Jonson looked class when he came on, but I have a hunch that Doherty may prove to be the best of the summer signings over the long term.

FINALLY TO Arsenal on Saturday. Again we are getting it live on TV. My cup runneth over!
Will Arsenal relax and play a blinder, or will they not be able to get themselves fully up for the match? Give it your best shot City - but don''t worry - whatever happens you have shown everyone that if you do things right through the season that you can really belong back in the Premiership.

Worthy. Could you not bring on Leon as a substitute a bit earlier. You might well be very happy if you do!!


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Bly I should think your cup does runneth over, seeing us get a point last night and in the Caribbean too! How much more do you want.

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