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So, with several reports now in the National media, as well as locally, it appears that Delia and MWJ are ready to take on investors ''of any kind'' or indeed sell the club.Of course they will now sell the club, I don''t believe they have any choice......we all know that the club debt last year was in the region of 7.5 million, but is has always been described as manageable.............however, we now have a shortfall of 1.5 million to add to that figure, and we have to still repay the Turner''s loans of 2.5 million.........These debts will NEVER go away with Delia and MWJ at the helm, and they simply cannot afford to pump more of thier own cash into the ever widening hole which  possibly contains a debt of around 10 million at this time.......there is a major credit crunch and possible very serious recession (admitted by the Chancellor only two days ago)......I don''t think any of us should be under any illusions, this is really serious and we can only hope that Delia, MWJ and what is left of the board approach PC and ask him for help t bail us out........cos if they don''t administration will surely follow........

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